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Most Expensive Sneakers

Despite starting from humble beginnings, sneakers are now an asset class of their own. They were created out of the urgency to enhance athletic performance and then transitioned into a canvas for creative expression. Now, these objects made of leather and EVA foam have taken a are making headlines with astronomical sales values, proving to be savvy investments.

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To show that, StockX put alike a list of the 10 most expensive sneakers on StockX in 2021 also far. They looked at sales history from the last year of every shoe on their platform – but unreleased designs and samples – and identified those with the highest average resale misestimate. Renowned releases like the Nike Mag and SB Dunk Staple Pigeon surfaced as some of the most expensive in the sales data, but others that made the cut might embolden you.

Find out which most expensive sneakers made the list in the full article present.

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